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Sample Menus

Our menus below may be subject to slight variation from time to time.  Wherever possible, our fresh ingredients are sourced locally. We always have options for Vegans and Vegetarians. Food safety is at the core of our work and diners with food allergies should contact us in advance so that we may be able to provide the maximum selection in our menus to meet their needs.

2 Course £18     3 Course £22


Citrus Cured Trout GF £3 supp
Beetroot relish & crème fraiche dressing

Ham Croquette
Crispy ham hock croquette, burnt onion ketchup & sauerkraut

Charred Asparagus GF
Charred English asparagus, poached egg yolk & pesto

Celeriac Soup
Onion chutney, crisp shallots & lovage oil

Crispy Lamb Belly £3 supp
Tender lamb fritters with goats cheese mousse & salsa Verde


Roast Sirloin Beef
Roast Potatoes, roast carrot, kale, gravy & Yorkshire pudding 

Half Roast Chicken
Roast Potatoes, roast carrot, kale, stuffing, gravy & Yorkshire pudding 

Pressed Pork Belly
Crackling, roast Potatoes, roast carrot, kale, stuffing, gravy & Yorkshire pudding 

Nut Roast
Roast Potatoes, roast carrot, kale, gravy & Yorkshire pudding 

All served
with seasonal greens & red cabbage

Smoked Rib GF
Marinated in smoky spices & braised until tender, finished with a sticky Hickory BBQ sauce served with coleslaw & chips

Beef Burger
Char grilled for a smokey flavour with tomato & gherkin chutney, rocket & Lincolnshire poacher served in a homemade brioche with coleslaw & chips

Steak & Guinness Pie
Mash potato, seasonal greens & gravy

10oz Ribeye Steak GF    £13 supp
Salad, roast vine tomatoes & chips


Cauliflower Cheese     £2
Mushroom& Truffle Sauce  £2
Blue Cheese Sauce    £2
Pepper Sauce    £2
Chips   £3
BeerBattered Onion Rings  £3
SeasonalGreens       £3
Rocket& Lincolnshire Poacher Salad    £3
MashPotato £3


White Chocolate Bavarian Cream GF
Strawberry salsa, ginger Tuile & strawberry gel

Honeycomb Cheesecake
Mascarpone & honey cheesecake, honeycomb shards, caramel sauce & Earl grey gel

Coconut Pavlova GF
Mango salsa & lime gel

Hot Chocolate Fondant £4 supp
Served with Cointreau ice cream
Minimum 15 mins baking time

Imaginarium Cheese Board £5 supp
Selection of local cheeses with chutney, grapes & homemade crackers

Ask a member of the team for today’s selection


Americano £2.5
Expresso £1.5 Double £2.5
Flat White £3
Cappuccino £3
Latte £3
Hot Chocolate £3
Baileys Hot Chocolate £6
Breakfast Tea £2.5

Liquor Coffee £6
Irish Coffee Jameson’s
Calypso Coffee Tia Maria
American Coffee Bourbon
Shin Shin Coffee Rum
Seville Coffee Cointreau
Irish Cream Coffee Baileys


Breads and Oils £5 (3.13)

Marinated Olives £3


Antipasto £8 (3.13)
Cured meats, Olives, Humus & Oils

Citrus Cured Trout £9 (1,8)
Beetroot relish & Creme Fraiche
Ham Croquette £8 (2,3,11) SM
Crispy Ham Hock Croquette, Burnt Onion Ketchup & Sauerkraut

Celeriac Soup £7.50  VE SM
Onion Chutney, Crisp Shallots, Lovage Oil

Beef Tartar £9  (2,11)
Mustard Mayo, Pickles & Croutons

Mussels, Chorizo & Red Pepper £9  (1,10) SM
Saute Mussels, Chorizo & Red Pepper Sauce

Crab Cakes £8 (2,3,9) SM
Pan Fried Crab Cakes with Chilli and Mango

Truffle Chips with Parmesan £5
Halloumi Fries & Chilli Jam (1.3) £6
Buttery Mashed Potato (1) £3
Beer Battered Onion Rings (3) £3
Garlic Mushrooms (1) £3
Seasonal Veg (1) £3
Side Salad with Nuts, Pumpkin Seed & Quinoa Crisps & Dressing  £4 (5,11)


Aged British Steaks
Supplied by our local butcher & cooked to your liking on the chargrill, served with 
 Chips, side salad & vine tomatoes (Please note, the steak salad contains nut - please let a member of the team know if you have any allergen)

8 Oz Fillet Steak £29 LFO
A tender steak regarded by many as a premium cut, cooked to your liking, but best served rare or medium

10oz Ribeye Steak £26 LFO
The ribeye is marbled with fat allowing rich flavours to develop during cooking, cooked to your liking, but best served medium

Burgers £13 SM
 A burger of your choice in a toasted homemade brioche bun with a rocket, jenga chips & beetroot-slaw
Choose from:
Beef and cracked pepper, mayo, tomato & Gherkin Chutney (3,11,13) 
Chargrilled Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa (1,3,11,13)
Chargrilled Halloumi with Chilli Mayo (1,3,11,13)

BBQ Rack of Ribs £16 (2,11)
Marinated in smoky spices, braised until tender & finished with a sticky BBQ sauce, with beetroot slaw & triple-cooked chips.

Steak & Guinness Pie £15 SM (1,11,12,13)
Made to our own recipe with buttery short crust pastry, served with mashed potato, vegetables & gravy

Tomato, Prawn & Basil Linguine £15 (1,2,13)
Homemade Linguine, Tiger Prawns & Garlic finished with roasted cherry tomatoes & Tomato Sauce

Chicken Ballotine £16 (1)
Chicken Leg Stuffed with Wild Mushroom. potato fondant, wild mushrooms and truffle sauce

Chimchanga £15 SM (1.3)
Chicken, Peppers & Onions in cheesy salsa sauce, wrapped in a tortilla & deep fried with refried beans, dips & salad

Pork Tenderloin £18 SM (1,11)
Roasted Carrot, Leeks & Mustard Mayo

Pan Fried Hake £18 (8)
Pan Fried Hake, Polenta, Charred Roscoff Onions, Onion Broth

Wild Mushroom Risotto £13 VE SM  (1)
Traditional Risotto, Pan Fried Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil

Roast Cauliflower £14 VE (5,13)
Roasted in Garlic Oil with Hummus, Pickled Hazel Nuts, Puffed Quinoa, Pumpkin Seeds & Side Salad

(See items marked SM)


with caramelised pineapple

APPLE CRUMBLE £7 SM (1,2,3,5)
Traditional apple crumble with roasted nuts & seeds and crème 

Mango salsa & lime gel

Rich, chocolate sponge with a gooey middle served with Caramelised orange creme
Minimum 15 mins baking time

Selection of local cheeses with chutney, grapes & homemade crackers
Ask a member of the team for today’s selection

(See items marked SM)


If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirement, please inform a member of the team
To assist you in making an informed decision the numbers on the key below are shown on each dish
(V) vegetarian (VEO) can be made vegan
(LFO) lactose free option
Legally we can no longer state that a dish is gluten free, all dishes that do not have a number 3 in the
allergen key do not contain added gluten
Milk 1 / eggs 2 / cereals containing gluten 3 / peanuts 4 / nuts 5 / sesame seeds 6 / soya 7 /
fish 8 / crustaceans 9 / molluscs 10 / mustard 11 / celery 12 / Sulphur dioxide & sulphites 13 / lupin 14

Nothing is beyond your Imaginarium

Wine selection display

We have a wide choice of starters, main courses and desserts - not to mention a cheeseboard of note!  You can also rely on our superb range of fine quality wines to accompany your meal. At the Imaginarium Restaurant in Barton-upon-Humber, you can be sure of a memorable dining experience.

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